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Yoga Class Descriptions

Vinyasa Flow Yoga
Dianna creates an eclectic flow of postures, using your breath as your ultimate guide. Her classes invite you to sweetly enter the pose, immerse yourself in breath, and find the healing you need on your mat. Expect to move, sweat, and surprise yourself. Her heart-based class themes use music, mantra, poetry, and storytelling evoking emotion and movement to the practice. Her hands-on approach and kindness reaches each student at their own place that day. She draws on her life experiences sharing the healing power and hope that can be found on the mat with her students. Dianna has a way of challenging advanced students and making the practice available for the brand new yogi. Come experience meditation in motion and gain strength, flexibility, and balance.
Vinyasa Power Flow Yoga
James’ class is a fitness-based approach to vinyasa-style flow. You can expect a great cardiovascular and strength-building workout combined with breath work. In this power yoga class, students gain flexibility and concentration, while cleansing the body and calming the mind by linking conscious breath with a vigorous and mindful flow. It is an all levels class with modifications to help make the poses accessible to all. Come join James on the mat!
Restorative Yoga
Restorative yoga is truly a yoga practice for everyone—all levels, all body types, and even injuries are welcome. Restorative yoga is a special practice designed to relax our flight-or-fight response. Unfortunately, in our society, we are all chronically stressed out, affecting our sleep, digestion, hormones, adrenals, mood, blood pressure, and heart rate, leading to a state of dis-ease. The simple answer is relaxation! Restorative yoga allows us the opportunity to relax, renew, and heal ourselves in a deep, loving, and empowering manner. Class includes all yoga props, essential oils, visual imagery, poetry, energy work, pranayama, meditation, and healing sound and touch.
Yin Yoga
Life is about balance. For every down, there is an up; for every light, there is dark. Yoga is also about balance. Our “yang” forms of yoga, which target major muscle groups and build strength, are necessary. But if you only practice yang forms of yoga or other physical exercise, you may be missing a vital link to health and wellness. Yin yoga targets the connective tissue in the body and includes the bones, ligaments, tendons, and fascia, and therefore works the deepest tissues, energy body, and body/mind. Expect to increase your range of motion, balance your energy, and find deep relaxation. This practice is quiet, meditative, and for all fitness levels. Afterwards, you will feel taller, calmer, and may get the best night of sleep ever!
Bowspring Practice
The Bowspring alignment is a revolutionary postural practice for optimal health. This practice returns us back to natural curves in our alignment and away from our flat, sedentary C‐curve modern posture. More than just a physical exercise program, the Bowspring is a path towards selfawakening. Through the mindful awareness of specific alignments within 10 key areas of the body, we gain profound knowledge about unconscious emotional patterning held in common daily postures. By bringing new awareness to the chronically tight and blocked areas of our body, we can start to clear painful longterm patterns adversely effecting our health. Any age group and any body type can learn to embody the Bowspring in a basic posture to create a balanced tone throughout the body, providing strength, fluidity, and therapeutic benefits. From there, the Bowspring template can be used in everyday activities such as walking, sitting, and even bicycle riding. In addition to the numerous physical benefits, mental and emotional health can also improve with the practice.
Align & Flow
Align & Flow invites you to connect to the movements of the body within a precise alignment-based postural system. This yoga is a fusion of the specific principles of alignment mixed with the flow of vinyasa. These classes are suitable for those new to yoga, recovering from an injury, or interested in the finer details found in alignment. The posture sequences allow space for students to align, strengthen, and thrive on and off the mat. Come join James for an adventure into your body’s strengths and possibilities.
Bowspring Therapeutics
Bowspring Therapeutics combines the ten keys areas of alignment with the slow mindful movements associated with therapeutic yoga. Bowspring offers a practice with the knees bents, hips back, and a radiant heart for exploration into the posterior compartment of the body. The postures help balance your muscles for support through the core resulting in increased body strength, better flexibility, and improved balance. This class is suitable for all levels due to the therapeutic nature of Bowspring. Join James Tuesday mornings at 9:30 for this fun class!
Basic Therapeutics
Basic Therapeutics allows all levels of yogi’s to learn the alignment-based posture for expansion of the inner body. Our outer body is a direct reflection of our inner body and if you shine from the inside your outer body will glow. The slow mindful nature of this class allows students to tap into their power and stability in order to gain freedom on and off of the mat. Thursdays 9:30 AM.
Slow Flow & Yin
In this all levels class, Dianna weaves the perfect balance of movement and stillness. Each class starts with connecting to the Earth and the Breath. Slow Flow & Yin is a sweet blend of vinyasa flow and yin. About half the class uses a breath-based vinyasa flow ranging from a gentle to therapeutic pace to a mildly vigorous practice. Expect to be calmly challenged and energized in this part of class. The other half of class finds you down on the mat holding poses for longer periods of time, targeting the connective tissue of the body to help release deeply stored tension. These two style together are amazingly transformative. Our class concludes with a juicy savasana and seated meditation. Expect to build strength, gain flexibilty and release tension.