Yoga Lessons in Dothan, Alabama

Breathe Practice Transform
Namaste and Welcome, Friends!

Thank you for considering Dianna Wells Yoga. Yoga dramatically changed my life for the better, and I am positive that no matter what your “work” is right now, yoga will help you get there too.

All of us start with the physical yoga practice called Asana. Gradually, we start to experience an amazing peace, contentment, and confidence in our lives.

Starting yoga is so easy—all you have to do is show up and have a willing spirit. At the studio, we have everything you need to practice, including mats and props.

We’ll teach you how to breathe as deeply as you ever have, move with confidence in your body, and quiet the wild horse of a mind. Then… peace like no other.

On our mats, we learn compassion for ourselves and automatically begin extending it to others. Yoga will help you eat clean and surround yourself with high vibration friends. Today is the perfect day to start your yoga practice.

Your yoga mat and your best life await you!

Student Testimonials

James and Dianna Wells are knowledgeable, insightful, and inspiring yoga teachers. I’ve taken several of their workshops, and each time, I’ve left feeling empowered and confident in what I’ve learned because of their unique approach and their real-world techniques. Together, they’re an ideal and seamless teaching team, with a grounded methodology to teaching about yoga and anatomy that is encouraging, light­hearted, cutting­edge, and thorough. Through demonstrations, in-depth and uplifting asana instruction, a deep understanding of human anatomy, and extensive experience as yoga instructors, James and Dianna make learning about yoga fun, and truly Transformative!
Adrianne B.
Dianna, I am going to start calling you "Doc" because you have been the best medicine for me! I had my medical bio-metric screening today and received amazing results. I have lost 14 lbs., lost 2 inches in my waist, and reduced my BMI by 2. I have a reduction in my Cholesterol by 33 points! My success is contributed to YOGA, and I am so excited. I have come a long way in 6 mos. from having difficulty getting into the bathtub to now being able to get down on the floor to play with my grand-daughter. Thank you Doctor Wells for teaching yoga in Blakely, and your commitment to the long drive. You have helped mold me into a better person and I am forever grateful.
Helen W.
I cannot say enough about the experience I have had and continue to have with James and Dianna as Yoga teachers. Their passion for yoga and for all it represents radiates from both of them and continues to inspire me. They are always expanding their knowledge of Yoga and have such enthusiasm when sharing their experiences with their students. Their calm, peaceful and energetic aura is a beautiful reason for me to come to my mat!
Julie H.
Dianna connects with each student in her classes and delivers just what their mind and body needed!!!
Valerie V.
James & Dianna Wells... These two Yogis are truly the Best of the Best! Humble, Kind, Fun, Knowledgeable, Beautiful, Real & everything else Awesome. This Sweet Couple truly lives & breathes this stuff ~ Yoga that is! They BOTH teach & instruct from the heart... James & Dianna Wells are amazing, dedicated instructors with energy that's like no other.
Virginia W.
I started practicing yoga about two and half years ago. I had dabbled into yoga a few times but it didn’t seem to have any kind of impact on me. Then after I was persuaded by a good friend to try yoga with Dianna Wells, I took the plunge and never looked back. From the moment I walked into the room I could feel that this was going to be a great experience, and it absolutely was! Dianna is a wealth of knowledge and has a very special way about her; she can gently move you through the yoga practice, give you a sense of empowerment and leave the room with a better understanding of your yourself and your body. I can honestly say that Yoga has transformed my life and I have Dianna to thank for that. I’m grateful to be able to call Dianna my teacher, mentor and friend.
Carmen A.
I began practicing Yoga in April of 2015. I started with a few private lessons with James Wells, who has always supported me through my yoga practice. James is always willing to help me with my poses, showing me modifications to get the most out of my practice. Dianna is what I consider a great teacher, not only in reference to the physical aspect of yoga but has exposed me to the philosophical side of yoga with her wisdom, experience and knowledge. It's difficult to explain how yoga has transformed my life but when Yoga finds you-you will understand. I am fortunate to have many amazing Yoga teachers, but James and Dianna have played a very significant role in my Yoga life.
Bill A.